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A  50yr Male  presented with gradually increasing pain and  swelling in the upper thigh over a period of 4 years  with restriction of movements at the hip and unable to walk without support. Haematological and biochemical investigations were within normal limits. Initial assessment and diagnosis with X RAY, MRI, USG, HRCT & Bone Biopsy confirmed it to be a chondrosarcoma grade 2  with no spread to screened parts of body. Counselling patient for risks and complications of bone tumour excision proximal resection of right femur with, reconstruction with tumor prosthesis may need  acetabulum  reconstruction. If tumour involving neurovascular structure ,soft tissue involvement may need to undergo a hip disarticulation or a hindquarter amputation. Patient underwent enmass excision of proximal 1/3d of femur along with tumour tissue with adequate margin followed by reconstruction with a modular, segmental, proximal-femur tumour prosthesis.

Limb-Sparing Resection and Prosthetic Reconstruction : A Large Chondrosarcoma of the Proximal Femur.